Tenants are now more aware of safety and security issues at the workplace and expect building owners to maintain the presence of a professional and reliable security workforce. Officer duties have expanded beyond staffing lobby desks, monitoring entrances through CCTV, and patrolling buildings and parking structures. At Upland Group we train our staff in first aid/CPR, elevator entrapment, weaponless self-defense, and ways to handle confrontations without force. Also officers are trained to insure that all building mechanical, electrical, elevator, chiller and fire control rooms are inspected and operational. Officers act as the eyes and ears of a building, noting and responding to suspicious activity. In high-rise buildings, security officers play a crucial role in safely evacuating tenants. Commercial real estate ventures cannot thrive and prosper unless premises, stock, employees, and customers have a safe and secure environment.

In today’s tough economic climate being faced with diverse and often growing risks, it is a challenge to ensure the security of property, products, key assets and reputation of an individual or a company. Upland Group understands that true benefit from commercial real estate security is not gained simply by providing uniformed personnel at the storefront. At Upland Group we work with our clients to build solutions that combine our knowledge of security procedures and technology with our knowledge of the commercial real estate environment.

Our smart security approach manages risks, allowing you to focus on your main priority—your business.

Whether your location involves extensive customer interaction or significant security challenges, we have the right personnel for the job. It is important to recognize that secure and beneficial solutions come from understanding the challenges of securing commercial real estate environment. Let us help you secure your world.


Building sites are a very attractive target for would be thieves. But even armed with such knowledge building site security is not always classed as a high priority. With most building site management teams working to strict budgets and targets the security of the building site is viewed as a costly and inefficient use of resources.

It is for this reason that potential thieves find a building site a tasty target and what a profitable target it could be, a building site is a treasure chest of high value equipment which can be sold on very quickly. It is not just the building site plant equipment that is at risk, the site office is also at risk. The office is usually located in an inaccessible area which is hard to secure and out of site but it also contains some very expensive equipment as well as high value information. which could be very useful to rival companies.


Upland Group solutions offer a wealth of high-end security services to secure your building site, plant equipment and office. Our range can be used to secure anything from whole sites, scaffolding and vacant areas down to individual items. Besides offering a range of visual, physical and electronic building site security solutions, Upland Group also offer professional advice and assistance to ensure your building site security is as watertight as possible.


Potential security measures which could assist in the security of your building site are permanent marking of all equipment, good control of staff (most thefts are committed by employees or people in the industry), ensure all keys particularly ignition keys are returned to site office, provide security passes to all staff and report all suspicious behavior to site management and security. These measures when combined with a building site security solution from Upland Group will ensure your building site security is at a very high level.

We offer a complete building site security solution to protect your building site, construction site or vacant site using our high-end security solutions. Please select the building site security service you are interested in for more information.